“The Book” A Letter of Youth

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“The Book” A letter of youth

10 Jan.1970

Dear Paulette,

Was glad to get your letter. Thought you’d forgotten me. No, I’m not going with Betty anymore. I haven’t seen her in about four weeks, because she didn’t have a car to drive to Corinth. She finally got a way and instead of coming to our usual meeting place, she went to a friend of mine’s house.

He is married, but another friend of mine was over there (that she used to go with), and has gone with about four times, and she was all over him that night.

I ran into a buddy of mine who had been out there when it happened. He said she was trying to go with him again. I got a great, big letter the Tuesday after that, and she wanted to know what the boy said about it. She said she was just doing it for the fun of it and the hell of it.

I sent her a message and said if she wanted him more than she did me, well, hell just take him, because I don’t intend to stand in the way of anyone. The way I see it, she knew she had me, well anyway thought she did, and she thought she could do me anyway that she wanted and I’d come back to her. That’s where she was dead as hell wrong. She even blotted her lipstick at the end of the letter, and said: “kiss these until we see each other again.” That was close to a month ago. I had some fine stuff last night, but it cost me three bucks.

Don’t ask me how, but I ended up on a parking road with my cousin. I had a blast. Easy going. I’d already had a couple of beers under my belt and it sorta slowed me up a little, but I still did some good. My car hasn’t got a reverse in it, so I drove down the parking road, trying to find a place to turn around and got stuck about a quarter of a mile down in the…well you might say “bushes.” It cost me three bucks to get out of there, but it was worth it.

I didn’t forget your advice about using protective measures, it was just a spur of the moment thing, and opportunity knocks just once, so “they” say. I think that I can trust you not to say anything about it to anyone. It could get me into a lot of trouble. You see, the cousin was little ‘ole 250 pound Anna Strickland.

I’ve got so much to tell you that I’ll be lucky enough to have enough space for all of it. Yes, I got my car. I’m supposed to get license plates for it, this weekend. I’ve driven it, Heaven knows how many miles. It’s sitting in the front yard with a right, front flat, now.

My brother said he saw you down there Saturday night. Sorry I wasn’t down there; I was at a friend’s house, trying to get over Friday night’s headaches. I had a hangover into Saturday night. Maybe I can see you next time you’re here.

Do you know Mary Nold from Bethel? I’m now going with her sister, Naomi. She is a real nice girl. Maybe she can slow me down some. She thinks I’m a pretty straight guy, but I know I’m going to the dogs. My hair is over my ears now and my sideburns are nice and thick too. I had a nice mustache. I think that’s the way you spell it. I was supposed to go up to Naomi’s house, and I thought it would make a better impression on her folks, if I shaved the mustache off. Her folks like me okay. That’s a relief.

I’m listening to the record “I’m Free,” by the Who, a fine record. Guess I’d better close for now. If you’re home this weekend, I’ll be around the Clock Truck Stop, and you might have a good chance of seeing me.
So long until the next time. Good luck, good loving, etc.

Peace and love always,

Your best friend forever and that’s a long time.
Danny Neil

P.S. Please say hi to Shelly for me and don’t forget to write.
Please forgive the rough handwriting. Bye.

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