Poetry: Displaced of Emotion

Posted: September 17, 2014 in Uncategorized


Displaced of Emotion
Homeward they walk––farmer and wife.
Yellow sun has long since seen an early rise.
Hands in pockets, his coat is striking with overalls.
Attire melds to him as if tailored for a king,
Tired, no smiles greet sunsets from the fields.
Somberly, he walks beside his wife––displaced of emotion.
Pale of color, she carries his child, dutifully.
From the old ways, she knows not departure, only perseverance.
Her tattered dress is worn, thin, and faded bare.
Clasped hair is clipped, cropped, and crammed in her bonnet.
Heat and humidity yield sweat on her brow and encompass her being.
A red fox yips and a wolf howls near to home––she is glad.
Supper’s to be cooked, cows milked, and mules and pigs to feed.
Young, green corn awaits days of harvest.
when tasseled corn hairs are dry and brown,
Then the crop will be pulled from endless rows of stalks to be shucked,
but she won’t think of that now.
Stars will come tonight when she wishes for sleep.
After this day, sleep will fall upon her like a baby.
Blistered feet scream of pain. Oh, how they hurt!
Homeward, each is within different thoughts––displaced of emotion.

About this poem: Inspired by a framed photograph of my maternal grandparents. He’s wearing overalls with a pretty nice coat, he has his hands in the pockets. My grandma is -with child- and showing. On either side are three of my uncles, and my aunt holds my mother–a baby. I would estimate the season is early fall. I’ll post it sometime. That is to say: the one with only my grandparents. Didn’t frame the group one.

  1. I know poems are single-spaced. I am still figuring out how Word Press does what it wants.


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