Asheville Poetry Review

Posted: October 3, 2014 in Uncategorized

It is strange that I had never read this online literary magazine. Asheville is about six hours from where I type, at the moment. I’ve traveled through there more times than I can count. It’s a beautiful, sleeping, mountain town full of gifted artists, music audiophiles, students, tourists and more. If you’re a hippie child like me, then you’ll love their mountains like I do.

The Asheville Poetry Review is a literary magazine that is as the name implies–all literary. I found poems from one of my college professors, Professor A., on there tonight. I was in her advanced poetry class; she’s  published all over. Lots of professionals on that site such as: Sherman Alexie to name one.

Back to the Advanced Poetry class. It was a challenging one, and I learned much. One of Professor A’s former students made the big time, and his newest book is being made into a TV type movie from his book, #Jason Mott has several poetry books on the bookshelves, a fictional book “The Returned,” and “The Wonder of All Things.” The latter being his second to hit the screen.

He talked to our poetry class–the one Professor A. taught. Jason signed books and told us he worked at Verizon and that we should not plan on making a career from being a poet. It wasn’t possible. He told us that two years ago. Needless to say, he’s successful and famous, and he didn’t need Verizon. He made the big time and no one was surprised, because he’s very talented writer and poet, and a really down-to-earth professional.

Professor A. helped so many students pull that part of themselves from inside and write professionally. I learned much from her, but am by far no where near a poet like some of those literary geniuses I read on that online literary magazine.

I digress back to that poetry site, which is for the most part poetry. I’ve read a ton of poetry, but nothing compares to them except maybe: #”The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock,” by T. S. Eliot, published in 1920. Probably my second favorite poem of all time, first being #”The Raven” or anything else by Poe, such as “Annabelle Lee.”

If you haven’t checked that site out, give it a go. I look forward to my next trip to and through Asheville.

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