Poetry: no rainbow

Posted: October 5, 2014 in Uncategorized

I saw a baby elephant today.
its truck protruded from
floating cumulus matter.

It must have been searching,
reaching, seeking a mother,
for it floated alone, in and out of cloud
confinement, to be pulled back inside,
when it nearly broke free.
Trunk protruding, head doddering,
ears alert, tail curling like a piglet..
Perhaps it was lost in search of
being found, or maybe it was fine,

Darker clouds overpowered
fair-weather ones,
angry, invidious, alarming.

Then I saw a fish swimming
in feathers,
trying to reach the elephant.
Too late, for thunder clouds strengthened,
bound together, swallowed,
and devoured the both of them
in a desolate downpour.
No elephant, no fish, no rainbow.

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