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Posted: October 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

series of dreams II

Fifteen and a half years ago, I wrote “Amelia,” simply because I loved the name and it was Post Civil War with a romantic twist, and tastefully written with characters that one could easily get into his or her head.
Somehow, life catches up, you get sidetracked, and take a job that carries you in a different direction, or you have too many “arms in the proverbial fire.” That the book draft gets backburnered and lost in the process, although it’s never lost on those floppy discs, DVDS, or floppy drives. And get this: it was first written by hand–thirteen handwritten, labeled notebooks  of partially illegible handwriting. Everything of value was saved.

At the time I finished the book, my sister gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. We both gave birth with different results. I named her first daughter and she asked me to help name her new baby…

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