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Very long. Six pages to be exact, so I would advise passing this by. Especially if #history, #politics, or #foreign affairs are not on your menu. These are my opinions only.

I deleted something political that was shared on Facebook, once. I got to thinking about sharing of political views. That was not my goal. It proves nothing, nor can I change the country or anything that comes from a monstrous government that has become so strong, that no one could ever defeat it today, nor would they allow people to form their own government as was the cause of the American Civil War. It was not about slaves, at all, it was about the government keeping one country together and under the thumb of the all powerful.

The states voluntarily chose to join the “new government” in the beginning. No force involved, yet when they wanted to form a separate government, there was all out force and invasion. Sort of reminds me of the FBI and raids on groups who don’t believe in the government and corruption. Think #Ruby Ridge.

I vote with doubts that I’m going to make a difference, because it is only one of our last freedoms, and I will continue to vote, regardless. I’m not mega rich like politicians, who don’t really care about the peons or wealthy they were elected by. I’m just a poor starving artist and writer. See peon above, for the middle-class-American has more in common with the lower income tax bracket. In my opinion, there is no longer a middle class America, of about ten years back. It is the have and have-nots. It is a nightmare; one that was neither foreseen nor could have been prophesied by our founding fathers.


I met an Egyptian student about fifteen years ago. He was a student, friend of a friend, and five of us congregated at her home. We talked about Egypt and we inundated him with questions. He spoke freely.


He said that in other countries, particularly his Egyptian roots, there were two classes–the bitter poor and the wealthy. Lawmakers governed and the citizens, whom you might find on the street, had nothing. Two different worlds: wealthy and people who lived on the streets and either begged or starved. I am referring to a conversation with a native Egyptian. This was one person’s opinion only, as times do change. He was obviously in the wealthy bracket, because he was allowed to be in America and pursue a career. As I said, this was at least 15 years ago. Times have changed and more students from other countries are encouraged and educated here in the US. Sometimes he or she remains to contribute to American society. Progression of time and government has moved forward. There is a flaw to education-debt.


I would be remiss if I did not mention a student that I have never met, but corresponded via email or instant message, for the sole purpose of comparing notes on our countries. That was the gist of it. He wanted to know about my country; I wanted to know about his country.


This student was male, late twenties and in college in Pakistan, his home. He has six siblings and they live with the parents in a small village. His family is poor, although his father works a good job at an oil refinery. It was technical, not hard labor, yet the family was poor. (I refer to some things in past tense, since it is past tense)


When each semester rolls around, he’s sent off to a college away from home, but he does not see his family except on certain occasions. He lives at the school with a mixture of older and younger students combined. Students are equal as they are here. I say they, for he attended an all male college. He alluded to the fact that no age discrimination exists, which is not the case in America. Speaking of age discrimination, when I was a kid, our TV was black and white, meaning no technicolor, etc. I saw a movie that is clear in my mind. The setting was Germany. Keep in mind discrimination. At a specific age, on a person’s birthday–armed police came to the birthday person’s dwelling, he or she woefully bid loved ones goodbye. In other words, the birthday person was old and not allowed to live past a certain age. Put to sleep by injection. This was a movie, so probably half of it was true. Nevertheless, I wish someone would get elected who could change age discrimination.

A person goes for a job interview and of course age is not asked—but there are so many ways that the employer uses to find out how old a job seeker’s age. It’s simple–all online. For instance, I applied for a job once and you have to fill in your zip code. That does the trick and then he or she knows. Honestly, who wants to hire a babyboomer? And the laws are not enforced, because the employer/hiring firm have ways to get around it, for instance: We are looking for a specific person with xxx experince, you’re overqualified, we need a college student (been one, same thing). I don’t know what sort of training the hiring official has, but it’s like interrogation. Honest it is. And this will never, never change in America.

I digressed from Pakistan, so back we go:

For transportation, at all times, the male student rides a bicycle. His family has no car.

When he is home in his village, his religion takes precedence. He goes to the temple with his family and prays every day. It is routine like their religion of Islam.


He was very frank in his country’s beliefs and what they stood for.

He said: “when US leaders meet with third world leaders all are smiles, handshakes, and agreements. When American delegates depart, it is like day to night. He said America is the most hated country in the Middle East, because we invade and kill innocent families, all in the name of oil. (We know this already.)


He verified the same things I had heard in the news. Our country invades other countries and breaks promises and agreements. Well, actually our country did that back to the true Americans—Native America Indians—the only true American. America has been doing this since the American Indian was lied to and misled. So I understand where he’s coming from.


As you probably already know: in some third-world countries, marriages are arranged by the parents of the bride and groom. I asked my foreign online friend what if there is no connection between the chosen and it’s known only after the ceremony. He said that a man learns to love his wife AFTER the marriage. If a woman has sex as a single woman, she is either imprisoned or worse. It is against their laws. On the other hand, a man does as he pleases, in regards to his personal life. He won’t be jailed or prosecuted, for what a woman is not allowed to do.


Pakistan’s official language is Urdu, and English. He said that five different languages were spoken such as Persian, etc. That’s probably due to the countries and the borders that separate the people.


I haven’t heard from this student since their holy holiday of Rai in 2013. This is a tradition whereby an animal is slaughtered and the meat is distributed to the poor. The student told me it had always been this way.


According to him, his government and most of the surrounding countries literally hate the US. They view us warmongers, and murderers. He said he is used to American border check-points and it is an unpleasant experience. He mentioned that murder has taken place at such checkpoints, when no reason was warranted. Perhaps Americans there are jumpy because they do not know what to expect, or to be theoretical, neither American nor Pakistani trust one another.


I found this student to be quite genuine and honest. Our last communications were obviously being monitored, for his written tone changed to formal and all is happy with the world, and his country is good. In the beginning, I asked him if his email was monitored or read by officials and he said-yes. He said there was no freedom of speech or press. The religion is Islam, families go to a temple every day, remove their shoes and pray to Ali.


He is anonymous and will remain so. In my last correspondence, I did tell him that there was no freedom of speech, as intended by our founding fathers, in America. The government, our government monitors our mail randomly. (this is old news) Certain words are programed to alert the listener of intentions, from email or phone conversations. One particular word is a bounce back. We have freedom of speech in our homes, but go out in the world and say exactly what you think in certain situation and see what happens. You might end up behind bars.


The beginning:

I can vote, but it changes nothing. As soon as any candidate is elected into office, they change, and it trickles down to us, the ones who vote–we change, or get disgruntled, disappointed, and sometimes disgusted, no matter who’s in office. Elected officials are not magicians. The budget will never again be balanced. That ship has already sailed.


No matter how many people hated former President Clinton. He left office with a balanced budget and a surplus that was quickly wiped bare like a whore on a Saturday night. Clinton enforced flight measures that would have/could have had an impact on the NY 911 tragedy. These were quickly discarded by the new administration, and the overage in budge handed out to the ones who helped get that president into office. Why is not so difficult to figure out?


Actually, there is not that much difference in the two parties: Republican and Democrat. I think back to learning so much on our first president, George Washington compared with the present. Washington was the only president in American history who had the total, complete, and unconditional trust and backing by all Americans. America has not seen this since. JFK was probably the closest we could have come to a decent president for that era. He took no Presidential salary, and although like George Washington, he had indiscretions too. He hid his, although Washington did not and that was accepted. A man’s morals are not and should never be a factor—doing his or her job should be number one.


Touching on morals of prominent elected officials

Our first president, George Washington’s affair with Sally Fairfax continued for years. Not one word was said against him, by the people, in his time, because he did the job he was elected to do. His love letters to his mistress are on display at the Smithsonian, so people were proud to be under his governing thumb, or they wouldn’t have saved personal love letters and put them on display. This is not looked upon as anything morally incorrect against America or George Washington. He did his job effectively and his personal life was left alone. People wanted results from the position he held and nothing more. It has been said that he put the people first. The people were intended to govern and direct the elected. Only one political party was ever meant to be—One.


Moving on:

A matter of the mid 1800s, I mention the famous and beloved Major General Stonewall Jackson. He was an eccentric man, who sucked on lemons and kept one hand raised during battles, or before. He remarked that it helped his balance in many ways. For all of his eccentrics, the people loved him, because he brought them victories. That is, until someone shot him, (thought to be by one of his own men, but that is theory that I don’t believe) then the Civil War and the South’s fate was decided. That was, in my opinion, the beginning of the end, and then war is waged on the people, because that’s how war works, it’s just about the only way one invading force can win any war.


What I’m getting at is that a person’s personal life has nothing to do with his or her job, if effectively done. It’s not our business to judge. Could we solve the same problems our elected officials face or are going through, daily? No. Do we know more than they do? Hardly. Miracles happen in the world, but not in the political world. Two arenas.


In closing, I will “attempt” to keep my present and future political beliefs and thoughts to myself. Ask me about our first president through post Civil War, and I will probably never stop talking. If short on time, then do not ask. I will attempt to leave the present officials alone. In no way does that mean I agree or approve with what is going on. I just don’t want to argue about it.


When I was 18 and handing out political flyers–I was dead serious, and I would have argued my beliefs into the ground, or fought for them. I never let up. Youth gives you some rights, I think. You grow older and survival is uppermost; more so, than a political campaign.


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