Poem: Country Boy

Posted: January 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

You come to my shack near dark,
and hang loose limbs
over Mama’s wired clothesline.

Light is sparse, save for lightening bugs
and a backyard utility light.
Your lanky form pulls wires to the ground,
yet the clothesline bounces back.

I see your face painted with that foolish grin
like a fool in love observing another fool in love.
Your bowl haircut slides from side to side
revealing freckles and buck teeth.

Lopsided lips speak foolishness and fondness,
through breath that reeks of Budweiser,
while you yank my dog-eared hair.

Shipping out tomorrow, you say,
and pry limber fingers from bent wires,
as you hand me an APO on crumpled paper.

I’ve seen hungry hounds look like that
with drooling tongues hanging out wanting
a dish of Daddy’s scaled catfish.

Pretension follows awkward hugs and vows
to find a preacher upon your return.
Acting is superb and I roll my eyes.
Duty calls…and you look back as you cut a trail.

I am but one stop in your arsenal of country girls.
We tread paths of illusion.
You are my country boy who is not mine and never was,
for this fool does not share.

  1. It is about as real as I could get it with strong imagery.


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