Poetry: Dawn

Posted: April 12, 2015 in Uncategorized

Dawn approaches
and I hear a moped
From a questionable corner
in a neighborhood
known for drug dealers.

I recognize the slow-buzzing sound
of a rickety, metal-moving thing
crawling down the road.
I pass this guy
on school mornings.
He waves me around his
transport, for  I’m
always in a hurry.
Half awake, I imagine he is poor
like some of us.
He probably works days
and earns minimum wage.
To be sure, he’s not lazy
whomever he is, a loyal
worker, destination, occupation
Yet he works, which is more
than I can say for some in
this “off the beaten path”
Dawn makes you remember
people and things. I wish this
unknown mortal well, for his
dedication with little
but the clothes on his back.
Dawn brings the buzzing machine.
Sunset brings it back.
  1. I detest having to go back & separate those stanzas. It is fine till I hit publish. Go figure.


  2. I don’t have time for this. Stanzas are separated on the visual and plopped together in one long verse when I hit update. So be it.


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