The Perfect Niece

Posted: April 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

Blessed with three nieces and two nephews, I thought it would be easy and fun to be an aunt. Wrong. Those five barely give me the time of day, unless he or she wants something, but then again…they all live in different states: Alaska, MS. and TN. They are young teens and I probably only catch the surface of their thoughts when we talk.I would know if it was a face to face conversation, but when you talk to someone on a phone, you don’t see the eyes or expressions.

I guess I could say that one fifteen-year-old niece has been my favorite from the get go. My sister asked me to name both her daughters and that was an honor. The favored one isn’t favored intentionally–she is the truthful one who tells you the answer straight on about anything in her life–as long as you ask the correct question. Note, I said ask the question but ask the right one. I have always respected her for the truth, especially when my sister, her mother, does the opposite on truth.
One night last week, I received a text from sister telling me that my perfect niece was called into court for truancy. Seems she skipped too many classes and will flunk her grade at school’s end.

Before the judge, my perfect niece tells the judge the truth and baby, the truth hurts sometimes. He orders a blood test for drugs and shock of shocks–it’s positive for two illegals. She freaks.

I don’t know what will happen to my perfect niece, but she is in trouble. She told the judge that the kids she hung with did meth and mar. The truth sux but it is what it is. To top it off, my sister says she knew her daughter was doing the very thing that she will be punished for. I always give my sister damn good advice or anyone for that matter. She never takes it–that’s the problem.

Sister has a lawyer to try and get my niece’s sentence or penalty or whatever reduced. I told her by phone to let the judge do his thing and forget the lawyer. A teenager has to learn right from wrong and choose right or they are screwed royally, in a manner of speaking. I told sister to make my not-so-perfect niece face what she’d done. No ifs, ands, or buts.
Life is about the choices each of us makes. If we make the wrong one then it’s consequences.

No one forces you to do anything unless you are in a dark alley being robbed, mugged,tied down or worse. Everyone has a choice and it’s really simple common sense–nothing more.


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