Sometime but not now

Posted: April 30, 2015 in Uncategorized

I think I need to slow down but what I do is my life so it’s difficult to stop routine, at this time. I travel quite a bit in the Southern part of the US, take pictures and write about what I find, whether it’s about people, deceased or living, anything from the delicious slug burger of MS and TN or my favorite which is old cemeteries. I meet interesting people and write about anything from old weathered barns with rusty, tin roofs to water bison or maybe even a turtle, as I did last week.

Last week I was fortunate to travel to Charleston, a magnificent example of the Old South. There are modern advances since I was there years ago, and one was the replacement of an old bridge built in 1929 and replaced in 2005. It spans from Mt. Pleasant into Charleston–an architectural wonder.

The first one made me cringe since it had this dip in it that was overlapped by water at high tide. Kinda creepy and I don’t forget bridges.

The old bridge: Note it’s two lane.US


The bridge built in 2005.


The small group I traveled with stayed in Mt. Pleasant, but in the future, I want to stay in the downtown area, because it has so many quaint little shops with unusual names like “The Kicking Chicken” to “The Smoking Lamp.” It’s a huge area so I will take the walk tour and there’s also many horse drawn carriage tours, as well as ricochets. The latter, I had never seen, but a person drives a transport like a bicycle and has two passengers. I would not try that one, so walking might be preferable.

I did check out Magnolia Cemetery which ranges from 91 to 130 acres. It’s an old cemetery and since I was just about raised in one, I have always been drawn to the history and peacefulness of the old cemeteries that catch my attention. I suppose this would bore some people, but it is an amazing thing to me to walk among graves, mausoleums and crypts that date back to the 1700s. The sculpture of the stones, the ornate, wrought-iron fencing, all of it is a fascination to me.

Here is one shot from Magnolia Cemetery, in the rain:

photo 2-10

Crypts and mausoleums. The one on the left has a stained glass image in the ceiling of the Virgin Mary. It’s beautiful.

photo 1-18

Going back, when time permits. Life is full of people and things you don’t want to miss. What does the song by Sills and Croft say? “We may never pass this way again.”

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