Deadly Mist

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

There is a vast mist
that covers the swamp
betwixt my home
and my grandparent’s farm.

It is like a net that captures
and squeezes and smothers
and seeps beneath windowsills
and crawls the high  steps of

the porch to enter without
objection or words, or sight of warning,
as the family sleeps in dreams

while the fog permeates thoughts
and makes leudious suggestions
within nightmares.

It is a mist of fog caused by heavy rains
upon the crops in the fields
and the leaves bow from its weight to wither

in its presence. Bowing and acknowledging
its very existence and power to annihilate,

dependant upon this mist that smothers
and suggests warnings of death to come.

In the distance a hoot owl calls
the warning while the family is oblivious.

until– Uncle Caleb’s footsteps climb
weathered boards and he falls dead on his face,
eyes open at the front screened-in porch.

He never saw it coming and the family sleeps on.
–used to his drunken binges

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