Poem: Child of the Green

Posted: May 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Child of the green with a love for flowers
Pure and innocent before the storm showers

Villagers called her mute beauty for
no words did she speak. Hearing was fine
for one so meek.

How could she know trust was so rare
Daisy strewn path led a man to her lair.

Beating the heat in her garments so sheer
Deaf and unknowing that danger was near

Traveler sought prey, his lust lay within
Everything about him reeked carnal sin

Meeting in the green of sunny delight
Evolved into habitual starlight nights

Beauty or woman or the mind of a child
She danced and spun in circles for a stranger so vile

Tracing his face, her fingertips trembled
unknowing and flattered to be lost in time

Woman, child of a man’s delight, in kind
Taste of lips, sweet as blackberry wine

“I will, if you will.” Words he never defined
No questions she asked, though signing,
for trust was blind

Innocence lost before the traveler was gone
Never to return to grass, perfection purloined

Alone she did reminiscence
With memories amid no heated kiss

Innocence lost, confused and a bit insane
Staring into twilight, waiting in vain

For a stranger’s liberties with a child of the green
Staring blankly…an erratic dance in rain–lover unseen

Myth or fantasy the villagers didn’t know
but her spirit soon weakened under midnight’s glow

Her wait was in vain for lover so warm
Futile, she hanged herself from a tree of thorns.

Some say on the night of the seventh moon
a shadow dances and spins like the weaving of a loom.

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