Poem: Silence Between

Posted: May 18, 2015 in Uncategorized

There is a silence between that envisions reality.
I have written much over time, but that one line has a potential to keep going. You can write around it and never run out of anything to say. It just keeps the motivation alive and never stops.
For instance: Below, I created a poem off the top of my head from that one line.It can mean any number of things, whatever you want it to mean. In this instance, it could be a parting of the ways for no reason or any reason you choose to elicit. The choice is really up to the creator of the poem, but that one line originated from me several years ago.

Adoration or Abhorrence

It is a one sided thing.
A silence grows louder
with each passing second,
making itself known
by drowning out existence.

An absence, perishes
and a being or an atom
is completely erased.
As one empty plate
at the table-vanished.

Do not remember me
when the rain falls and
you are in one place
and I am in another,
experiencing a different
kind of joyful rain,

It is a cleansing type
that makes a person
free and whole, at last.
Like a rebirth
from the womb to view light

Where once––only darkness reigned
and a Devil’s disciple lived within,
burning and writhing in his
own lies and dishonesty toward others.
Screams will surely last for eternity
and beyond.

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