Poem: leaving your mark

Posted: June 6, 2015 in Uncategorized

There is a silence between
that elicits reality
and pretense of adoration
to yearn that which is an
uneven thing.
Some say illusive
love is unconditional,
within a selfish core.
Adoration or aberration
makes little difference

Venture deep hollows
and crags,
Swill spring waters pure

Carve your name
upon cave walls of rot

and taste squirming
wormwood, that thee

may learn the difference
in right and wrong

suffer thyself not
as you centre toward

that light that takes
thy inner being

Climb the highest incline
where wildflowers grow

best and plentiful
Scatter the petals

to leave your mark,
upon the wind

your fingerprints
pressed in muddy crevices.

That thing, the thing
is leaving your mark

You lived and existed
for at the last

that is the detrimental
factor upon mankind
Copyright © wynsharp 2015

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