Poem: Darkness and Dawn

Posted: July 15, 2015 in Uncategorized

My seventeen-year-old niece texted me from Alaska, the time difference is far off. It’s nearly 7:00 a.m. here, and 6:00 a.m. when she texted. I thought I’d write now that I’m not awake.

Dogs bark and
roosters crow
breaking silence
of darkness nigh
to dawn.

My world
lies silent in
peaceful slumber.
A mind preparing
to clickin circuits.

Each day is
to be filled, no matter
flood, smears, or
rigors in the distance.

There is wilderness
to be discovered,
emotionally exhilarating,
and physically challenging
to hit the trail and feel
rotted leaves beneath
booted feet.

Ah,the crunch
of time and climate.
Enervated bones ache
in darkness
proceeding dawn.

Mind disheveled,
onto different
directions, today,
aspiring, desiring

that all arrives
without hitches
or obstacles
that impede
from delineation.

Nor extract tensions
to accomplish,
occurring without
prolonged, purloined

Darkness enfolds
into sleep, entices
grace to closed
eyelids, seconds

Dogs cease barks
and roosters
halt salutations
of dawn; it taps
at the door.

Ever mindful
one second dare to be
wasted, as it slips
like grains of sand,
to be gone and known
no more.

Chance and purloined
uncertainty awaits.
It resides in darkness,
in the corner
beside the elephant,
and the blank day
that dawn conveys.

Copyright © Wyn Sharp 2015

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