Poem: Missing

Posted: July 24, 2015 in Uncategorized

creek 3

I return–alone
and descend zagged rocks
into the creek
just like I always have,
but things are different.

Leaves and tree limbs
are stone-dead silent
in the heat of mid-day.
No mortal presence do I hear.
save for nature’s sound of
rushing water over rocks.

I sit on a rotted
tree limb, bare feet
planted in sand and mud,
squished soggy between toes.

The descent was deeper
and more rugged
than I recall
and briar
thickets snatched
my skin–ripped.

Yellow butterflies flutter
about me, mosquitoes,
tadpoles, and small fish
greet me. Upward,
wasp nests line
the portico, beneath
the ancient wooded bridge.

You are not here,
for time took you
when I glanced away
and my heart sinks.

Closed eyes return you.
No touch do I feel, but
your breath is warm upon
the back of my neck.

Goosebumps make me shudder
and then I know.
You are not missing–
You waited.

  1. I have a ton of pics to resize and need to settle on one size.


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