Science Fiction: Free Write

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A free write unedited as it flows. Errors in punctuation or spelling do not matter with free writes.


Wretched was the nightmare under a veil that touched upon madness. I was unwell those days of rain that never ceased racking my body with chills of near to convulsion. Catapulted into a world I knew not nor from whence I had been sprung.

Memories were shrouded in a pathetic murk of muddy water that drowned inner senses and obliterated my ability to think in a normal sense of the word. Light and dark melded together to cover images long-since forgotten or maybe I’d never existed. I knew not the circumstance that brought me there nor was it the uppermost in my mind. Survival was at the helm and I was the captain that steered my needs.

Clothes hung upon my bones as if I had been starved and wrapped in remnants of another time and place–an age of neglect.
Weak to the pitch of my soul, I found myself on a desolate and isolated shore where the ocean was endless and with each ebb and flow of the tide, it mesmerized me into a state of submissive brain warp–a hypnotic trance that robbed me of caring for my outcome of deliverance.

The sand was as hot as the Sahara and like a fool I stared at my blistered feet. Near to numbness, one step at a time I moved in a slow motion type of dance yet it was not a dance. It was a shifting of positions from side to side and I was a prisoner of my self as the sun watched and tortured my very existence. I had never felt such heat and new not how to survive such of the elements.

I knew that I was under the sun on a beach with my hands cupped over my ears to shield megrim the relentless pounding of waves oppressive and angry against jagged rocks beyond the shoreline. With each slap of the waves, I jerked like a madman for it was torment and rattled the little serenity remaining.

It was a maddening torture and I found myself crouched on the sand in a cross-legged fashion such as an Indian might sit. I stared at the wrinkled soles of my feet and watched the blood ooze from open sores that the sea might heal with its salt, for it ebbed inward to me and I welcomed it with crazed lucidity of what was real and what was unknown–in other words the world of reality and normalcy I knew not the difference.

My hands had grown numb from my slumped stance in the sand and I shook them freely about me to awaken them. Each sound, aside from the waves, brought me to an awareness of my surroundings and the sounds were of a tomb with lashing waves slapped past me and covering my wretched form.

It was at that moment I heard a roaring sound from the skies as if of a thousand birds in flight, only the sounds seemed to descend with every second and crazed I began to count from one hundred backwards. Expectations of what was to come had an eerie, frightening foreboding and I forced myself to open my eyes to see what was occurring.

It was then I saw them!
Creatures with wide wing spans and I ceased my pointless counting and began to surmise their numbers and whether they were bird or man or perhaps something descended from the pits of hell. Maybe I had been plummeted to hell for all the sins that I knew not whereof had been committed.

Heavy beings they were and landed upon what appeared to be two feet. Their skins were liken to a reptiles with toes that webbed out like frogs. My body was wracked with the shakes the likes of which I had never experienced for I knew not their purpose. Then my mind went rabid and I thought they might be in search of food and I was to be the meal. A parsley meal I would make for I was half starved, myself.

I heard a hoarse voice from within me cry out to the seven avaricious faced creatures I had thus far counted approaching me. Their slithering webbed feet was covered with an oily substance that stuck sand to the surface and I saw one shake it loose as some foreign object might react, as if it had never beheld grains of sand before.

And then it dawned on me to observe the faces and horror filled my being, for the eyes were liken to a man with beaked features for noses, and the ears were long and hung loose. Such an appearance I had never seen and I cowered like some fool while they came closer and eyed me. All seven stretched out their wings as if a habit of existence and perhaps they had flown some great distance to land upon this desolate island–perhaps in search of food as I had forethoughts upon their arrival.

The creatures were bold and one that looked to be the leader came forth dragging its wings with seemingly great effort from the weight. Shocked more came what I feared to be some sort of communication among them as they seemed to speak with black slimy eyes and motion with webbed hands that matched their feet.

“Scrawny,” one spoke with a raspy sound and the others nodded in unison.
I was surprised that the language was discernible for it was my native tongue.

The word hallucination reverberated in my mind as a record caught in a groove, spinning and making no sense. I shook my head and held up my hands to shield me from their stares. Piteously, I lay before them in a cowering position as if beseeching mercy. Their wings rustled and flapped about making winglike sounds of a thousand birds, yet they were seven and huge in size, almost to the point of giants above me. My body continued to shake and my hands went up in a beseeching manner of defense or maybe it was a begging sight to such creatures as they looked from one to the other as if confused to the next mode of action.

The one who had said the word “scrawny” reached a wing in motion to the skies and the others nodded in unison. To my astonishment, these unknown birdlike creatures turned with the loudest of noises and I opened my eyes to see one ascent a bit and light again on the sand as if to balance itself or prepare for flight. I wished with all my being for the latter, but knew not what was to come. My wretched existence mattered not and I no longer cared what happened to me. Pain removed fear and made me retch.

Surprising myself, I crawled backward in a slow movement against the sand. Blood flowed freely yet I felt nothing. Instinct guided me and I succumbed willingly distancing myself an inch at a time away from these foul avian beings. No attempts to stop me were made and I wondered at this yet continued to move without reproach or violence inflicted to stop my retreat.

“Man-like creatures” I heard my voice whisper and it was my first vocal integration that made any sense. My feet dug into the sand with each inch of plot I managed to cover away from them. It mattered not to me anymore for I was doomed to be eaten by these wretched beings or doomed to die a slow death in the sand. I saw no way out yet I slithered in a most pitiful manner as a snake might cover the land in retreat.

It was at that point that I heard the same mighty rush of wind as when they landed upon the beach. In short order I braved my head in a backward direction and I saw them in flight as they had been before landing in this unknown domain. The skies were black with their wing spans flapping and the noise was deafening but I could not turn away. Baffled, I watched them until they were as dots in the sky and no longer visible. I was grateful yet I knew not if this had been reality or dreams of madness that my arrival on the beach provoked upon me.

The air was silent once more, save for the waves slapping zagged rocks and the easy flow of the tide rushing in and retreating.

I inhaled in what might be considered relief but had no knowledge of what had happened to bring me to this hellish situation. Therefore; once again, I lay in the sand looking up to the sun and clouds. Saved from creatures yet I was not saved from myself or how I came to be there.

Thoughts ran rabid again and I grasped at them as straws of thin chat. For some time my mind did focus and in my crazed condition a memory came to me of the scriptures of a character, a man named Job who had lived through sorrows and was spared to live a renewed life of plenty. I felt tears and words formed in the air about me. My voice sand at first, then yelled in pain, then it whispered. “Memory,” I shouted to my surroundings, until my voice grew louder and then it echoed from a bluff-like area, not far from me.

In the distance, I glimpsed something different–it appeared to be a vessel of sorts-a ship with a large white mast heralding skyward and propelled by the wind. I saw humans like specks but they grew larger and called to me. The words were not discernible but it mattered not. I would be delivered as the silent voice had spoken to me before.

I heard another voice inside my head, “I will persevere and be delivered to another shore of my own kind,” it said. I knew not if it were my voice or imagination of  dream, only that it made sense.
I listened closely.
“Deliverance is at hand,” the voice said. And then there were no voices. Once again, I lay on the sand, beneath the sun. I allowed myself to be covered with green algae-like coverings that felt soothing to my blistered skin. I waited for deliverance.

wyn sharp 25 December 2015

  1. I’ve actually never written anything science fiction; this is my first. I’d been up all night & drank Red Bull Lite, as I did in college, so caffeine might have pressed me on. I printed it out & woke up my son & read it to him. If a twenty-something kid liked it then I guess it was okay. I still have to plug Red Bull Lite. Couldn’t have graduated college without it & the taste is like velvet on the tongue. I slacked off a few months & when I drank half a can it kept me awake for two days since I had it out of my system that long.


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