Life: The Trail that Leads Home

Posted: April 9, 2016 in Uncategorized


is not a short one, nor has it ever been. Eight-hundred miles, over the years, plus eight-hundred on the drive back is quite a stretch. No matter how many rest areas, truck stops, restaurants, fast food venues, or tourist traps I pass on the interstate–one mile bleeds into the next and never listens to anybody’s time clock internal or external.

It’s strange but the trip going is always faster than the one bringing me back to the sea, yet the mountains and upper hills have this thing about them called home and it’s always had a magnetic pull for me. I  go to recharge my “batteries” and it is a temporary fix. Sorta like a junkie who can’t stop, I’ve never been able to stop those 4-3-2-1 never-ending trips.

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