March Began Eventful

Posted: March 28, 2017 in life, Wandering

March 1st slipped past me & left deep bruising when I flipped the ATV. It was a blur that sent me to the ER for CT scans & X-rays.

I don’t remember the accident, although I was told details of hitting a rut that is unrecalled. Wasn’t cutting up, just driving around water. Last thing I recall was slow driving through high-dry weeds to avoid a muddy-watered path. I was told I pressed the gas & flipped about 800 lbs airborne then weight of the ATV pinned me on my side/back. (Memories of totaling my son’s car by driving through a wayer puddle, hydroplaning, & clearing out a ditch, to b stopped by a “For Sale” Corvette, off a secondary road, come to mind.)

First week post-flip, I could walk fine, although I couldn’t get up & down without excruciating pain lower right side & back.  One week layer, l held to the bed-post to pull myself up & steady on two-feet. Didn’t complain when I had to crawl up & into the backseat of my jeep. Had to have a driver, but I made it okay–slow & very careful. Pain–that too would pass.

If you know me, then you’ve heard me speak of my “nine lives” running out. Came close many times over, from lack of fear. ( As far back as childhood, Mother was wiping blood from my head & body parts.)

Be as it may, after two & half weeks, I’m good as new & ready for my next adventure. Resilient, thus far & blessed.

Pix I took before & one post-flip follow. I truly believe in living life while I am alive. To do otherwise is not life–to me.

Gotta love a RR track!

Out of practice posting pix in this blog, as you can see. These & more are all on Instagram. wynsharp

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