Posted: January 4, 2020 in Uncategorized


A new year, so it’s a big deal to what seems like the entire universe. It’s good to have another year to achieve, but the country is such uncertainty…….

And if that’s not enough, I am depressed most of the time. I have nothing to speak of to be in that ever present dark place, yet it is what it is. It’s just my son & my husband & I didn’t go 800 miles home for the holidays. It probably wouldn’t have made any difference. My parents sleep in the huge family cemetery on the hill above my old home place. I drive up to the back door & sit there by myself, in my Jeep, yelling for Mother to come to the door & hug me like she always has done. One older sibling left & a ton of cousins with only a few who keep in touch & one aunt and uncle are super good to my son & me.

My son & I stay with one of my best friends since I am behind on clearing the property. It’s a mess. My eldest brother is my only remaining sibling in a near rehab facility & he will never come out alive. I am back & forth all through the year when he gets sick with pneumonia or something. Sometimes he knows me with the one silly joke I always tell him & he laughs loud. End of Oct. I was there with my son when brother was in ICU. I told him the same silly joke & when he was well enough to be transferred to his room, he laughed. I told him I would tell him that joke till he held up his hand & told me to stop. So far, he hasn’t.

I have a sister who lives with an old man who helped himself to the furnished homeplace, antiques & all. He got away with it, since I don’t have time for a long-drawn out court thing. He & “sister” do not know truth and no sister relationship existed or ever did. We all spoiled her with no gratitude at all. This is getting more depressing, so I will stop there.

I am a writer with unfinished novels & short stories…….sitting & waiting to finish. I used to put my heart & soul in my chosen profession, but … re-entered my life & keeps me going. It is the spark that gives me life. I was raised with brothers & 99% male cousins, so I was in the middle of everything–this gives me a great deal of courage to photograph out of the way places & of course—-the beaches. 03-Jan-2020 Birthday coming up next week.

No tags this time but I am on INSTAGRAM sharpwyn & tag the heck out of my photography.

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