Respite: Poetry

Posted: March 26, 2020 in Uncategorized

The doctor said I needed rest

so I checked out of the clinic

and moved, last month.

I looked back and patients

stared down from barred windows

with confused expressions & mannerisms.

I pitied them; they were all mad.

The old car that brought

me there, waited and I climbed in.

Glad to be free, I drove through darkness

and winding hills that

led me through heavy fog.

It crept in and smothered the car,

on the second  road that ended, and

left me afoot.

I walked a  dirt path.

to find some one to help.

Near dark, my backpack

pulling and dragged me down.

And then I saw the old house.

I needed sleep and would head

out in the morning.

Just an old house, I thought

so I slammed the door behind me.

That’s when I heard bees buzzing and

I put my hands to my ears to

shut it all out. Headed for the door, it

was locked like a drum.

Desolation set in and

tears cried bloody streams

down my face-I tasted the blood.

Nothing inside the house

except a bed of springs and a ragged quilt.


I needed rest like the doctor said.

The door slammed behind me.

That’s when I heard the crawling

and moving, and the sliding on the

walls and cross the floors.

I saw vipers. They’d

 locked iron doors behind me.

and looked slimy, crawling on the walls

worse than roaches I stepped on. 

And crunched beneath my shoes.

Vipers held me captive.

Squeezing my life in a vice.

They crawled up walls till

there were no walls, 

only dark, wiggling, masses.

with raised heads and slimy fangs.

One slithered into my room

on its belly-

like a snake, it was–It trapped me.

It guarded me in waking or sleep

and hissed and smiled with

dripping fangs.

I missed the clinic.

I looked at my watch and it’s a new day.

It’s dark before it starts.

The house is full of vipers

One guards me and says

 I’ll never escape. It

bragged that youth slipped

through my fingers, long ago.

It boasted and called me old,

and told me I’d die here

where grass won’t grow,

in the devil’s yard.

‘cept under the floorboards.

I shook and pulled the quilt 

over my head. When I peeped,

I saw it all under moonlight.

I’d imagined the next day–not real.

The viper pulled on a shawl

and wrapped itself tight. 

and sat in a corner…

the doctor was correct.

I needed to be there


About me. I have a BFA in Creative Writing with emphasis on Fiction writing except my concentration had been in poetry until my last year of college. Afterward, I went into photography & have been somewhat lazy with writing. I did journalism, profiled individuals, interviewed one on one. Communication had taught me that I actually enjoyed it. I regret not getting a minor in Communication since I seemed to thrive with it. I minored in English & completed a master of fine arts degree.
I’ve had this WordPress account for several years & never used it much. My poetry is literary and I am published in a few journals. My fiction is published here & there mostly in literary venues that focus on short stories. Seems like a long time ago. I’ve written novels with some unfinished. Times have changed & so have rules in the literary world. Never tried self publishing; although, I have seem many go that direction. That’s about it for now. Gonna try to catch the sunset. wyn

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