Bio: Wyn is an author, poet, artist, and geological mind who digs in back wood creeks for fossils. Her articles have appeared in the newspaper media of Southern towns, online and in varied literary journals. She has a forthcoming poem released July 29 on Leaves of Ink. She's also finishing a fictional novel and a second book of poems. Her home bases are in Coastal Carolina and West Tennessee. She is a loyal Tennessean and graduate of UNCW, in Wilmington, NC with a BFA in Creative Writing and a concentration in fiction, and a BFA in communication. She earned an AFA from Cape Fear Community College, attended Brunswick Community College, Miller-Motte College, and briefly at MSU. Completed photography courses at Brunswick and wandered. She says that she's never ventured far from the South, except for one trip to Iowa when she was an eighteen-year-old hippie who believed in fate.

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  1. Hey–thanks for the follow. Someone from one of my fav states. Go Heels! ; )


  2. facetfully says:

    Interesting. I lived in both NC and IA for about a year each.thanks for the comment and the follow!!


  3. Hi, thank you so much for the follow I hope that you like my Art…please stop by anytime 🙂


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