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March Began Eventful

Posted: March 28, 2017 in life, Wandering

March 1st slipped past me & left deep bruising when I flipped the ATV. It was a blur that sent me to the ER for CT scans & X-rays.

I don’t remember the accident, although I was told details of hitting a rut that is unrecalled. Wasn’t cutting up, just driving around water. Last thing I recall was slow driving through high-dry weeds to avoid a muddy-watered path. I was told I pressed the gas & flipped about 800 lbs airborne then weight of the ATV pinned me on my side/back. (Memories of totaling my son’s car by driving through a wayer puddle, hydroplaning, & clearing out a ditch, to b stopped by a “For Sale” Corvette, off a secondary road, come to mind.)

First week post-flip, I could walk fine, although I couldn’t get up & down without excruciating pain lower right side & back.  One week layer, l held to the bed-post to pull myself up & steady on two-feet. Didn’t complain when I had to crawl up & into the backseat of my jeep. Had to have a driver, but I made it okay–slow & very careful. Pain–that too would pass.

If you know me, then you’ve heard me speak of my “nine lives” running out. Came close many times over, from lack of fear. ( As far back as childhood, Mother was wiping blood from my head & body parts.)

Be as it may, after two & half weeks, I’m good as new & ready for my next adventure. Resilient, thus far & blessed.

Pix I took before & one post-flip follow. I truly believe in living life while I am alive. To do otherwise is not life–to me.

Gotta love a RR track!

Out of practice posting pix in this blog, as you can see. These & more are all on Instagram. wynsharp

Wandering: Graffiti

Posted: August 5, 2016 in Wandering

Graffiti has always fascinated me. At train crossings, waiting for endless boxcars to pass, I used to see the most beautiful creations of art. There’s a lot of time to think while sitting in the car. I wondered about the artists who were skilled enough to paint such amazing collages on rusty metal, old metal, new metal, and what sort of lives they led. I could imagine them painting in the dark by flashlight, since obviously this would not knowingly be allowed in daylight. It took me to another world. And then the train ended with the reds, blues, and neon colors gone in a blur.

Recently, on my wandering and hiking in the mountains, I came upon a one lane tunnel in South Carolina. Mesmerized, I saw graffiti in a backwoods town where time moves slow and slower. Maybe the artists were young, old, or just wandering like I was. They could have thought they had all the time in the world to create, be young, be old, live forever. As the quote goes: “In the midst of life we are living; in the midst of life we are dying.” It’s the in-between that we live. Nevertheless, graffiti is a salvation to some and its electric colors splash light into a confusing world.